I feel like whenever you go out with your girl friends; it’s a complete competition on who can look the best. You complete in all aspects possible. Best dressed, best hair, best make up. The bigger the shoes the better, in some eyes. But I know for a fact that anytime I have gone out and wore heels, I regretted it every single time. I will throw on a pair of cute, flat, boots. Boom.  Problem solved. But what I always thought sealed the deal for a complete outfit; is a super cute lip gloss.


There are tons of different shades of lip gloss to enhance your best features. If you have more of a light caramel complexion, a candy apple red lip gloss is the best. If you have more of an ivory complexion, a light pink lip gloss would make you stand out. If you have more of a darker complexion, I feel like a clear lip gloss works best.


So the next time you go out, don’t forget your lip gloss that will complete that perfect outfit.