www.uniquebeautyclub.comTo renovate a particular spot, reapply the foundation there calmly and merge it with the rest of the face. Then powder it lightly with the translucent powder to let it set properly. Touch-up with twin active powder foundations can easily help you to change your glance from day makeup to night makeup as it works as foundation as well as powder. For sheer finish using this foundation, you just have to dampen your cosmetic sponge a little. While applying liquid foundation, it is better to put tiny points of foundation at different parts of your face such as forehead, nose tip, chin and cheek bones and then blend a little at a time on the face to give a more finished seem. You can use powder foundation just like the normal dense powder.

Use a wedge shaped sponge to swell foundation squarely over the skin. Always merge it along the chin line, so you do not get a demarcation line between your face & neck, but never take it on to the neck. Some pros favor to utilize their fingers. The heat from your skin helps the make up go on really easily. Some make up artists apply foundation first with fingers, than distribute it with a sponge & use fingers again to blend. Blotting removes any surplus moisture or oil leaving it completely smooth & dull.The great foundation suits your face & your lifestyle. Select from these formulations:-


These combine SPF, subtle coverage & hydration. The only hold is that they tender very small camouflage for blemishes.


Can be used as foundation & concealer. Gives superior coverage, but can be fairly fattyFree Articles, so avoid them if you have oily skin.